Shipping Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Vehicle technology has grown leaps and bounds over the years, and cars available today often look like spaceships compared to cars of yesteryear.  Unfortunately, the owners of these vehicles may be looking at a bit of a hiccup when making plans to ship their new-age hybrid and/or electric vehicles.  Many auto transport companies are simply not offering shipping services for these types of cars.  “Why not?” you may ask.  For the most part, it is company ignorance and lack of research that is preventing these shipments.  They believe there is an increased risk or danger involved in transporting a vehicle with a lithium ion battery, when in truth; these batteries are essentially larger rechargeable versions of those used in everyday household electronics.  Another roadblock is the belief that additional equipment and/or licensing may be required, but this is a fallacy.  There are no additional permits required to transport lithium ion batteries.  Careful care in the unloading and loading of any vehicle should be taken.  And remember, a car is still a car, no matter the fuel or non-fuel source.

However, it is important to note that weight and size do play a factor in determining the cost of shipping for a vehicle.  Rechargeable batteries are significantly heavier than standard disposable batteries, so there may indeed be an upcharge to cover the weight differential.  Outside of that, there shouldn’t be any other issues or set-backs if you are dealing with a reputable auto transport company.  If you do encounter a company that is hesitant to give you a quote, or seems unsure of the procedure because your vehicle is a hybrid or electric, move on to the next option.  An auto transport company should be well-educated in all types of vehicles, and an environmentally friendly vehicle should not be treated as a curveball by any means.

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