Luxury Motor Auto Transport

Whether you are moving to the next state or coast to coast, shipping your luxury vehicle is imperative. However, due to the high value vehicle, you cannot rely on any shipping service. For some of the vintage or classic cars, there are plenty of expert services that have enclosed containers to ensure that there is no damage to the vehicle’s body due to transit.

Luxury motor auto transport

That is why if you are proud owner of a Ferrari, Aston Martin or even a Lotus, when you decide to move cross country, it’s probably better to go for enclosed transportation. It’s going to cost you roughly $400 or more, than the open carrier option. Both methods will get your vehicle delivered, but enclosed carrier offers significantly more protection from the weather conditions and other road debris as well.

As an owner of a luxury and highly valued vehicle, you might be rather overwhelmed at how to actually handle its transportation. Below you will find a comprehensive check list for what to do.

Our Check List

Here is what you could do to handle the task easily.

  1. Weather conditions play an important role on the type of transportation that you choose. You need to pick between open carrier and enclosed carrier if you are going to go with a professional transport service.
  2. Shop around. Ask for quotes as well as for advice from different companies. Also, you should demand references. Moreover, you can even ask your friends, family and colleagues about certain suggestions in terms of service providers.
  3. Insurance is the key. Make sure to handle the matter as soon as it’s possible and see if you need to opt for additional coverage.
  4. Get the shipping company representative to fill the loading bill which includes a condition report of your vehicle as soon as the loading is being done. If the shipping company representative doesn’t take any photos, it might not be a good idea to sign the condition report as long as you don’t agree with it.
  5. Make sure that all of the agreements between you and the transport service are put in writing. This is going to provide you with a claim if something’s not delivered as it should have.
  6. Check the vehicle when it arrives and make sure it’s in a proper condition – this is very important. It’s hard to make a claim if you haven’t noticed the damage upon the delivery.

If you make sure that you’ve kept everything from above in proper account, it wouldn’t be a big deal to transport your luxury vehicle across the country or to another one.

Why Opt for Enclosed Vehicle Transportation?

In the majority of the situations most of the people would opt out of enclosed car carriers because it’s too expensive. However, when you want to transport a luxury vehicle, that added protection is particularly important. Your vehicle will be enclosed and protected in a trailer away from the elements as well as from the harmful road debris that could get it scratched. This is something that’s going to ensure the overall proper condition of the vehicle and that everything is handled as per the highest industry standards.

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