Luxury Auto Transport Companies

So, you have a luxury vehicle that needs to be shipped? The truth is that this isn’t like shipping a box full of spare parts. The car needs to be specifically placed into a larger carrier or into a smaller one which is closed. It needs to be entrusted to a professional relocation specialist and transported across the state or coast to coast. It’s definitely an expense to consider. This is not something that you fend off to your local truck driver.

Luxury auto transport companies

There are quite a few luxury auto transport companies that would be able to assist you. Most of these companies like Luxury Vehicle Transport are experienced and have professional that can help you out with the shipping without damaging the beauty of your luxury vehicle. Your car is going to show up at the agreed upon time and place and arrive safely.

Before the Car Is Picked Up

Remember that you need to research your options when it comes to shipping providers who offer luxury auto transport service. Do they have the necessary cargo insurance for all the damages? Is their reputation solid and intact? What’s the overall customer feedback? How many complaints did you manage to find? You can check the company reviews and ratings at Better Business Bureau, before you sign on the dotted line of the agreement.

The way the company ships the vehicles is also very important. As you are transporting a luxury car, an open-air container will most certainly fail to do you any good. It’s usually best to go for an enclosed container or at least a covered one in order to prevent damages from the elements.

However, apart from the auto transport company taking care of the vehicle during transit, it is important to ensure that your luxury vehicle is ready for transportation.  You will need to ensure that:

  • The fuel tank is about ¼ full
  • Record your car, inspecting it for damages. It’s best if you go ahead and make an extensive video of all the damages or even if there are no damages, record the condition.
  • Document the mileage which is set on your odometer. You don’t want your brand new Mercedes or BMW to get delivered with a few hundred kilometers on it.
  • Record the truck: you should have a video of the loading process of your car and when the transportation specialist takes control and possession of the kind.

Enclosed Auto Shipping

This is oftentimes called covered car transportation – it’s going to provide your vehicle with additional protection from the elements as well as from road debris and others of the kind. Enclosed carriers also have soft or hard sides which are going to protect your vehicle from any particles from the outside. They also have straps which are going to get attached to your wheels so that your vehicle can be firmly secured.

After the Transportation

The above checklist should be forwarded to the person that’s going to pick up your vehicle if it’s not you. Make sure to properly photograph everything as soon as the car is unloaded. Check the odometer and everything which might turn out to be rather suspicious in order to ensure that the process is handled perfectly.

We are one of the leading companies that specialize in luxury car transportation. With years in the business, we understand the nuances of shipping vehicles and go that extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Call Luxury Vehicle Transport today to know more about our services.

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